People & Place

Rob Townsend's OCA Learning Log

Submission for Assessment

Notes for Assessors


I’m Rob Townsend, my OCA Student ID number is 511892, and this Learning Log represents the online portion of my submission for formal assessment of the Photography course ‘People & Place’.

It should be reviewed in conjunction with the set of sample prints for Assignments 1-5 sent to OCA.


For ease, the assignments submitted for assessment are linked below.

Assignment 1

1. Portraits of Ann

Assignment 2

2. Railway Volunteers

Assignment 3

3. A Life in Places

Assignment 4

4. Old Town Glory

Assignment 5

5. Disappearing Britain



The Learning Log can be navigated as follows:

  • Coursework: projects and exercises, organised per section of the course
  • Assignments: preparation, submission, feedback and rework per assignment
  • Research & Reflection: book reviews, exhibition reviews, discussions of specific photographers and other miscellany

Thank you for your time and attention.

– Rob Townsend, 19th May 2015

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