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Assessment Result


I passed! And with a better score than I got for Art of Photography too. I got 71% for People & Place, and to say I’m chuffed would be a very great understatement.

The overall comments were encouraging:

“The whole impression is one of crisp lucidity; in the imagery, the presentation and the writing.

I was particularly impressed by the creative leap that you made to represent yourself metaphorically in the work. This augurs the beginnings of a sophisticated conceptualisation of your practice and Context and Narrative will provide a fertile environment to develop this in.”

Very happy with this!

“Make sure you thoroughly engage with the C&N reading list to boost your critical reading and write critically in response to your reading. This will aid you to contextualise your work with in contemporary culture and progress your understanding of your own practice’s potential.”

This is my weakness; Ive been called out on it already on C&N. Must do more critical reading and more importantly writing.

“On a slight technical point I think some of the prints would have benefited from having a touch more shadow detail revealed.”

Interesting! Will take that on board.

Breakdown and comments

  • Demonstration of Technical & Visual Skills:
    • “Complete fluency of technical and visual skills”
    • 29/40
    • Pleased with that, one less thing to worry about
  • Quality of Outcome:
    • “Highly effective work presented in a professional way, showing strong judgement. Highly effective grasp of ideas and communication of visual ideas.”
    • 15/20
    • Very pleased with that, as I’m not always certain of the quality of my work; I get too close and find it hard to judge sometimes
  • Demonstration of Creativity:
    • “Creative, takes risks with imaginative and successful outcomes, evidence of a developing personal voice”
    • 14/20
    • Most pleased with this, as it was my weak spot on AOP and I was disappointed by that feedback – and have made more of an effort to experiment since then
  • Context:
    • “Articulate and self aware, good range of research, demonstrating a developing intellectual understanding.”
    • 13/20
    • My lowest score this time, and as per notes above I accept the criticism implied by the low score, and endeavour to improve my critical reading and writing


In summary, in case it’s not obvious – I’m very happy with the overall result!

Right, I’d better try to finish off Context & Narrative at some point…

5 thoughts on “Assessment Result

  1. Very well done indeed. Like you I was not very happy with my TAOP marking so I am really pleased you’ve got such a good mark for P&P – really boosts your confidence doesn’t it ? It was deserved anyway !

    • Thanks! Yes it’s been a real confidence boost as I was still unsure at the point I sent it all off for assessment. Very gratifying to hear that it went down well! Many thanks to you for your interest and encouragement. You and Carol are the ones I’ve kept in touch with since AOP!

  2. Congratulations Rob – well deserved and really well done. Real confidence booster for you and there are certainly lots of opportunities in C&N to keep going with the creativity – I feel that I’m in a different world since TAOP and I’m the least creative person around!

  3. Cheers! I’m enjoying C&N from a creativity point of view, enjoying experimenting actually… just struggling to do enough of the critical theory reading/writing. I know what you mean about the difference between AOP and C&N, I look back at my earlier work and some of it is slightly cringeworthy compared to what I’m enjoying doing now. And if you didn’t read my reply to Teresa above – you two are the only AOP classmates that I’ve kept in regular contact with! So thanks 🙂

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