People & Place

Rob Townsend's OCA Learning Log



My name is Rob Townsend, I’m a self-employed project management consultant and I live in North Yorkshire with a wife and a dog.

I started taking a serious interest in photography in 2010. I treated myself to a decent camera and resolved to understand how to get the best out of it. Then in 2011 I joined an online photographic community called Blipfoto where users post a single photo every day. The discipline of having to maintain a daily photo journal really ramped up my interest in photography.

In parallel, for a couple of years I’ve been running a regular online photo competition with a dozen or so friends. Seeing other people’s efforts is spurring me on to keep doing better myself. I’ve invested in a few good photography books and these have further fuelled my interest.

Hence my enrollment on the ‘Art of Photography’ course in 2013; I wanted to get a better academic and creative grounding in photography. Not really with a view to turning it into a career; I just think it’s time I learned a new skill, just for the enjoyment of it.

I completed ‘Art of Photography’ in March 2014 and decided to carry on towards the BA (Hons) degree, with ‘People & Place’ as my next course.

So the journey continues…

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